The Best Sportfishing Guides on Oahu

The SurReel Charters Crew

Welcome to SurReel Charters, where we proudly host the best sportfishing guides on Oahu. Situated in the heart of Honolulu, Hawaii, our experienced captains lead every fishing expedition with a perfect blend of expertise and passion. Our crew embodies the spirit of aloha, reflecting a deep-rooted respect for the ocean and a commitment to sustainable fishing practices.

Whether you’re a novice angler looking to reel in your first catch or a seasoned fisherman seeking the thrill of landing a trophy fish, our team is dedicated to providing an unparalleled sportfishing experience. From the moment you step aboard our vessels, you’ll embark on a journey guided by years of local knowledge and a genuine love for the sea.

Meet our captains, each recognized as a master of their craft and a storyteller of the sea. Their combined decades of experience ensure not only successful fishing outings but also unforgettable moments on the water. At SurReel Charters, we take pride in exceeding expectations, making us the premier choice for adventure seekers and fishing enthusiasts alike on Oahu.

Discover why SurReel Charters has earned its reputation as the go-to charter service for those who seek thrilling fishing adventures amidst the stunning backdrop of Hawaii’s waters.

Captain Jeff

Best Sportfishing Guides on Oahu

Captain Jeff’s affinity for the ocean and fishing was forged in the depths of his youth, where the salty air and crashing waves became his playground. His journey into the maritime world took an adventurous turn when he ventured into professional kiteboarding, proudly representing Hawaii on international waters for over a decade. From the azure reefs of Fiji to the untamed coastlines of Australia and the lush archipelagos of Indonesia, Jeff’s passion for fishing grew alongside his global exploits.

For more than 25 years, Captain Jeff has called Hawaiian waters his home, mastering the art of deep water jigging and the finesse of live bait techniques. His approach to fishing is as spirited as the ocean itself, guided by his steadfast motto: “Keep an open mind, never give up!” With an unwavering commitment to exploration and innovation, Jeff believes in leaving no stone unturned and no technique untried.

“I’m here for you. That is what I do,” Jeff affirms with a grin that mirrors the sun’s reflection on the water. “We’ll fish, we’ll keep an open mind, try every technique possible, and we’ll come back with big smiles on our faces from having a good time at sea.” His dedication to ensuring every expedition is not just fruitful but also filled with laughter and camaraderie epitomizes his role as both captain and companion on the journey through Hawaii’s vibrant waters.

Join Captain Jeff aboard SurReel Charters and embark on an adventure where each cast is a testament to his lifelong passion for the ocean and the thrill of the chase.

Captain Jeff smiling deep sea fishing charters Oahu Hawaii
Captain Skip smiling deep sea fishing charters Oahu Hawaii

Captain Skip

Best Sportfishing Guides on Oahu

Capt. Skip’s deep-rooted love affair with the sea began amidst the crashing waves of Southern California, where he grew up surfing and casting lines off Catalina Island and the bustling intercoastal harbors. Whether riding swells or chasing elusive catches, his passion for the ocean led him across horizons to Hawaii over 25 years ago. Since the mid-90s, Capt. Skip has made Hawaiian waters his home and livelihood, weaving tales of epic battles with legendary fish beneath the Pacific sun.

With a lifetime of angling adventures spanning the globe, Capt. Skip’s journey has taken him from the serene waters of the Great Lakes to the teeming depths of the Gulf and from the rugged shores of Vancouver Island to the lush tranquility of the Fijian Islands. Yet, it’s Hawaii that holds his heart—a place where the sea whispers ancient tales and every cast holds the promise of a prized catch.

Capt. Skip’s encyclopedic knowledge spans freshwater to saltwater species, honing instincts that consistently outwit the most elusive prey. His favored techniques include the artistry of topwater casting and the adrenaline rush of speed jigging for colossal tuna, where every tug on the line is a thrill he cherishes. As he often says, “The tug is the drug baby!!!”

Join Capt. Skip aboard SurReel Charters and immerse yourself in his world of maritime mastery and boundless enthusiasm, where every journey is a testament to a life lived in harmony with the rhythm of the ocean.

Captain David

Best Sportfishing Guides on Oahu

Captain David’s passion for fishing began long before he set anchor in Hawaii’s waters in 2010. With a lifetime dedicated to the sea, both recreationally and commercially, David’s journey to SurReel Charters is a tale of salt-stained maps and endless horizons. His preferred method, the revered “Run and Gun,” epitomizes his seafaring spirit—a skill honed by radar’s keen eye and binoculars steadied against the ocean’s restless swell, allowing him to spot distant bird formations and swiftly steer his vessel into prime fishing grounds.

David’s prowess extends beyond technique; it’s a blend of maritime cunning and unwavering resolve. Even amidst the tempest’s fury, he harnesses the ocean’s rhythm to produce a bounty—whether coaxing prey with live bait, dancing jigs against the current’s pull, or setting kites to chase the wind’s whisper across the waves. His dedication to the craft transforms each expedition into a saga of perseverance and triumph, where every catch is a testament to his deep-seated connection with the sea.

Step aboard SurReel Charters and embark on an adventure led by Captain David—a master mariner whose story unfolds with every cast, promising not just a catch but an unforgettable journey across Hawaii’s storied waters.

The Best Sportfishing Guides on Oahu

The SurReel Charters Difference

Best Sportfishing Guides on Oahu

Choosing SurReel Charters means entrusting your fishing adventure to the best sportfishing guides on Oahu. Our captains—Jeff, Skip, and David—bring decades of combined experience, unparalleled expertise, and a genuine passion for the ocean to every excursion. Whether you’re looking to reel in a trophy catch, explore the rich waters of Honolulu, or simply enjoy a day at sea, our team is dedicated to providing an unforgettable experience tailored to your needs.

At SurReel Charters, we go beyond just fishing. We offer an immersive journey where each trip is infused with the spirit of aloha, a respect for the sea, and a commitment to sustainability. Our state-of-the-art vessels, advanced techniques, and personalized approach ensure that every outing is not only successful but also a cherished memory.

Join us and discover why SurReel Charters is renowned as the premier choice for sportfishing enthusiasts. With the best sportfishing guides on Oahu at the helm, your adventure is guaranteed to be exceptional. Book your trip today and set sail with SurReel Charters for the ultimate fishing experience in Hawaii’s pristine waters.

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